mandag 14. april 2014

A dollhouse from 1920

We were out on the road today, stopped in a small town and discovered this old house from 1920. Do not know what scale it is. The owner think maybe it is originally a dollhouse from Sweden, taking into consideration the style of the house. And the style is wonderful, hope you can see the porches in front. I didn`t bring my camera, only my phone.

At the top you can see the sign with 1920

The owner want to sell the house, he has no room for it anymore because it is a quite large house. If you are interested, contact him at: His name is Runar Foss Larsen and he seemed to be a very nice man.

Notice the window frames, they are beautiful.

Two big doors at the back, I think that is the only way to get into the house

It was a great experience to see this old house, really fun
Here's the owner, he print pattern on sheepskin , it is an old tradition. He use hand-carved printing blocks.

Here is a sheepskin he is working on, and also see the beautiful one left on the picture. You can see more at Skinnfellmakern

torsdag 10. april 2014

Gifts from my daughter

My daughter went on a short trip to Sweden and brought these lovely miniaturer home to me. Thank you so much! A lovely surprise.

I have never seen this kind of salt and pepper grinders in miniatures earlier

The yellow car she bought for Mads

onsdag 26. mars 2014

The only dollhouse bathroom with double shower??? :) :)

The bathroom in the M house:

I have a led light strip (from ELF Miniatures) It gives a white light, it`s quite cold so maybe I`ll later put in a wall lamp too, maybe that will give a warmer light.

The floor

Double showers

Floor drain

The gold mirror and table I got from my friend Maru  a couple of years ago. I have a long time had the plan to use them in the bathroom.

Here they are, painted black.

I made shelves and glass walls.

This is a really beautiful card I got from another friend, Eliana a while ago. It is a picture of The Municipal Theatre (The Opera House) in Säo Paulo, Brasil. I copied it, made it smaller and made a passepartout and frame. For the room it is still big, that was what I wanted and I think it is great.

Later there will probably be more toiletries, but for now I'm happy with the bathroom.

tirsdag 18. mars 2014

Ice lantern - real life

In January this year, when the weather was colder, I made these ice lanterns:

 It was really fun to make these, recommended for those living with cold winters.

torsdag 13. februar 2014

Update - Many photos

Before Christmas I made several scrapbooking albums for christmasgifts. Some were digital albums, and one was a handmade album from a confirmation, it had many pages and took a lot of time to make.
Here you can see a few of the pages:

Then there was a lovely Christmas with lots of guests:


Third day of Christmas we had a nice dinner here, and it ended in a fun night :)



 We have had minimal sun this winter, it has not been very cold so we have had periods of rain and periods of snow. I took this picture a couple of hours ago:


 Now I will begin to plan the bathroom of my M-house: