torsdag 28. juli 2011

Titania`s Palace

Titania's Palace

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Titania's Palace is a miniature castle that was hand-built in Ireland by James Hicks & Sons, Irish Cabinet Makers who were commissioned by Sir Neville Wilkinson from 1907 to 1922.
Wilkinson's daughter Gwendolyn claimed to have seen a fairy running under the roots of a tree, in a wood beside their home at Mount Merrion House. It is said that Gwendolyn felt sorry for the fairies, who have to live in underground caves.
The palace consists of 18 rooms and salons, which contain hand-carved mahogany furniture. There are 3000 tiny works of art and miniatures from around the world on display inside the palace. The palace was purchased at auction in London in 1978 by Lego, and was displayed in Legoland, Denmark for many years. The current location of Titania's Palace is at Egeskov Castle in Denmark.

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I midten av alle rommene er det en stor hage man kan se om man titter gjennom vinduer og dører i bakveggene på rommene

Egeskov slott

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  1. I have heard about this doll house but never really seen it before. Thank you for this tour! I needed a vacation. CM

  2. ¡Por Dios!!! Es impresionante....Ö
    Y por supuesto maravilloso y majestuoso!
    Un abrazo

  3. Very interesting Mona. Amazing.....


  4. Amazing i had heard of it but didnt know anything about it. I guess a little bit of Ireland in Denmark ;). Thank you for the tour it is fantastic. Hugs Maria

  5. Wonderful! Awesome! Fantastic!
    I find no words to describe it.How you should have enjoy! I saved the pictures for looking at in more detail and more calm.
    The central painting of the chapel seems Immaculate Conception by Murillo and the little chuch there and looks like the Porziuncola of Assissi.
    Thank you so much for the pictures, they are wonderful.
    Hugs :-)

  6. Heisan. Ett aldeles nydelig dukkehus av de skjeldne. Jeg var så heldig å se det selv da det fremdelse var i Legoland. :D

  7. Thank you for showing us this, Mona! It is magnificent! You must have been thrilled to see it in person. :-)

  8. What wonderful photos, thank you so much for sharing these!! You are so lucky. Mini Hugs, Jean