fredag 9. september 2011

Can you belive it!?

I`m so lucky, lucky.....
In the mail I have got all these wonderful gift from my friend 
  in Spain!
I knew about the furniture she would send me, she find so much good  stuff in the markets in Spain.
But I did not know about ALL the other things!
It was like Christmas in our house yesterday.

This table has Maru made ​​especially for me (you may have seen it on her blog). She has made ​​the roses out of  coffee capsules. Isn `t it beautiful?
Thank you Maru, you are so kind.

From Maru `s son and his girlfriend I got a Spanish album and cork for a bottle and this ting to hang a bag at the table when I`m at a cafe etc, didn`t have one. Thank you very much. All these gifts are 1:1. Great gifts!

She is very cute


Love it!

Maru made the cutest dog for me, I have named the dog after Maru :)

Mads and Maru, the hole family already love her.

Wish you could see her, she is much better looking than in the photos. Just like me? :)

Maru has also made ​​a grater and a door bell of the coffee capsules.
A lot of nice things for the kitchen.

This Maru has embroidered for me. Note that it is elastic in the corners of the sheet. No nonsense here!

She has also sewn ​​these very small Christmas ornaments. Do not know how she manages it. Very nicely made.

Is Maru a bit clairvoyant? Look at the pictures of what she has painted on the flower pots and what I have on a couple of decorations. Well, my decorations are made in Portugal, so maybe it's just because she lives close to that country:):):)

Beautiful flowers!........

.......and flowerpots.

See how much I got of fabrics and hobby materials!

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  1. Hurrah! The parcel finally arrived :-) I'm so glad to see you so happy, I don't know who were more excited, you or me :-) You deserve that and more. I am very lucky to have a friend like you. Enjoy all ... and show us what you're doing with those things :-)
    Klem fra Maru

  2. Wow! You really are lucky to have such a nice friend. Many fantastic things. All of them are nice. I am falling in love with the little dog!.....

  3. You are a lucky girl. I´m glad to see all the ilusion in this giveaway. I hope you enjoied all the tiny things. Kisses

  4. You're a lucky duck. Such wonderful presents. I have a little problem scrolling through your blog, but will keep trying and will come back for more. I liked your pictures to. Would love to visit Norway some day. It seems such a beautiful country.

  5. Maru es sin duda generosa y tu una chica con mucha suerte
    Un abrazo

  6. You must be a very special friend and a very happy person today Mona. The things are lovely and will look exceptional in your dollshouse. Have fallen in love with the scottie dog.

    While here I'll just mention that I work alot with metal and Maru's things were very creative. Coke cans cut up well for metal things in miniature as well Mona.

  7. Wow Mona, you are een very lucky girl and a loving friend. All the gifts are amazing.


  8. Wow, Mona! Maru was such generous to you! So many beautiful things! Congratulations!

  9. gauuuuu!!!!!! que buena amiga es Maru!!! cuantos regalos y a cual mas bonito!!! te felicito.

  10. Maru is very generous and a wonderful friend. You must be wonderful too to deserve all these beautiful gifts. Enjoy. Hugs to you and to Maru.

  11. Wow! She's a fantastic friend.
    Bye Faby

  12. ¡Woooow!!!! Que maravilla de tesoros Mona Ö Felicidades por ellos y por esa amiga tan hermosa , como lo es Maru ( =
    Un beso a las dos

  13. WOW.....I would think even better than Christmas! What wonderful gifts you have received! I hope you do show us what you do with all of it!!!

  14. How many wonderful things!! but my prefered is the dog!

  15. Felicidades, por tantos regalos, todos son preciosos!!!Besos de las Malu´s.

  16. Wow!!! Congratulations Mona! You are soooooo lucky! Maru is a very special friend and so generous! I love the little dog and everything else!

  17. Mona, everything is so pretty! Wow! Maru does fantastic miniatures! I love all of them! The dog is such a cutie! So real looking.

  18. Du verden så heldig du har vært da Mona og for en herlig vennindegave å få : kos deg masse med disse tingene for de passer hos deg , klem fra Bente ;O)

  19. Wow!! congratulations, you're so so lucky!! are wonderful gifts, Maru was so generous!! Enjoy... hugs

  20. Congratulations Mona, what a beautiful and generous gift from Maru, you deserve it and she is a true angel! Enjoy!!! :-)

    Hugs Jollie

  21. It is wonderful. I am in love with those painted flowerpots !

  22. Oh Mona, you lucky girl! So many beautiful things.
    The fabrics are looking so good, it is so difficult to find nice fabrics for minis. I love those flower pots and doggy too♥ You must be very happy to have all these great things:) Enjoy!!!!
    Hugs, piikko

  23. Mona, What a nice gifts!!! You're so lucky.
    Hope you'll have a lot of fun putting everything in a nice place!
    Hugs, Rietje

  24. Enhorabuena por esa cantidad de fantasticas minis que te ha regalado Maru.
    besitos ascension

  25. Bueno Mona vuelvo a ver este montón de maravillas que te han dado , y abro la boca tan grande que por poco se me mete una mosca jeje
    De verdad que ahora sigo viendo cada cosa ¡Y tantos y tantos tesoros! Y cada uno precioso♥
    Nuevamente felicidades!!!!
    Un besito

  26. Gracias Mona , felicidades a ti también.
    Opino igual que Flor, tienes verdaderos tesoros.
    Mañana preparo tu paquete.
    Buenas noches y mil besitos.