torsdag 1. desember 2011

Gifts and purchases done by my "personal shopper" :)

 Maru has been around shopping for me, things for the summerhouse and other miniatures. I also got a lot of miniatures I didn`t know about before they arrived :)!

I wanted to order a flower bed, Maru offered to make me one, she is so kind. This was the first time she made a flowerbed and she did a fantastic job!
Sing: It was an itsy, bitsy, teenie, weenie, yellow polka-dot bikini...........
 Ok , I know, it`s red. Maru made this and she also made the garden hose. Thank you very much Maru.

Here is another very nice thing, a cute Spanish pin. Maru is very generous. I think it soon will be a nice thing for Maru in her mailbox, she deserve that!!!
In a few days I will show you pictures of the summerhouse, I consider it almost finished.

7 kommentarer:

  1. Oh Mona, I think that all of us would love to have personal shopper like Maru!!!
    What a lovely things she found for you. I'm sure you are very happy.:-) I can't wait to see all these beautiful things in your summerhouse.
    Hugs, piikko

  2. Maru es un encanto, felicidades

  3. The minis are fantastic and all of us would have a personal shopper like Maru!
    Bye Faby

  4. What a special friend you have in Maru! She is also a great personal shopper! Congratulations and enjoy! :-)

  5. What a wonderful friend and personal shopper Maru is :)They are all beautiful.Enjoy.
    Hugs Maria

  6. Que regalos tan mangera es muy graciosa.
    Felicidades guapísima.
    Mil besitos...Julia

  7. Maru is awesome! You have so many wonderful things to use. Enjoy! =)