mandag 23. januar 2012

Tonjes garden - an outhouse and the King and Queen

The garden for  Tonje`s summerhouse is finished, she will get it as soon as I meet her.

Her summerhouse doesn`t have a toilet, now she will get a garden with an outhouse.
Nowadays most cabin have water closet, - around 30 years ago most cabin had outhouses I think.
Long ago, when also houses didn`t have water closet, they often after reading the newspaper and magazines used that instead of toilet paper (maybe to save money?). Out of respect for the royal family, they never used the pages with pictures of the royal, therefore they were often hung on the wall in the outhouse. Why I write about this you will understand from the pictures.

The king and queen of Norway (read on top of this post)

The flowerbed  Maru has made for Tonje! Maru`s first, it`s great! The garden tools and the box is also a gift from Maru to Tonje.

Kjell Egil helped me making this. I started with an intricate design, with hinges, etc. Kjell Egil showed me how easy it could be done. It works!

I`m not sure if this pigs belongs to the houseowner or if they have run away from a farm in the neighborhood, anyway, they are so cute they can stay and play.

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  1. Really cute, Mona! The garden is lovely, the story about the royals is fun, and the pigs are just adorable! Nice post! :-) Jennifer

  2. Precioso Mona!!!! el jardin te quedó genial,cuidado con los cerditos no te ensucien el jardin jajaja,son muy graciosos.
    Besitos y feliz semana.

  3. Que bonito jardín Mona, te ha quedado fantástico.
    Los cerditos muy lindos.
    Mil besitos...Julia.

  4. Esta precioso ¡¡¡ pero el detalle de la foto dentro de wc me ha hecho sonreir ¡¡¡

  5. Those two little biggies are so cute!
    Your outhouse with pretty surroundings is looking so good.
    Maru's flower bed and tools are perfect to the scene.:)

  6. Your garden scene is beautiful. I love the outhouse and the pigs.The see saw looks great. Wonderful gifts from Maru.
    Hugs Maria

  7. Allt är jättefint! Härlig trädgård du gjort och uthuset är ju fantastiskt!

  8. Så herlig , her fikk jeg noen ideer ja , driver på med litt planleggingsarbeid på hage til huset mitt . Hvor får man tak i sånne trær , de var knallfine . Vi må snart få til en sånn felleskveld snart. Ser ut som det bare blir oss to og søsteren din ,men det hadde vært kjempekoselig . Klem fra Bente :O)

  9. The pigs are sweet. Beautiful scene.
    Bye Faby

  10. Una escena de jardin muy completa, me encanta.
    El detallito de los cerditos genial jejeje
    besitos ascension

  11. You thought of everything! All the details are perfect. And I love the part about the royal pictures. LOL! I had no idea.

  12. My goodness, you are so talented! I cannot create anything with my hands, no talent whatsoever! Bravissima. I am following you from Rome but I live in Trapani, Sicily.

  13. Lindo jardim!Amei conhecer seu blog e a partir de hoje sou sua seguidora.Beijos desde o Brasil.

  14. With all due respect the royal family, but history is curious and funny!

  15. Mona♥ que área más divertida y bonita!!! ÜÜÜÜ
    Un abrazo

  16. Hi Mona, I have a little surprise for you on my blog,.. just have a look :)

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  17. Hi Mona! You have done a perfect Outhouse(with all the honour to the royal family)! Here in Finland Outhouse used to be the same way many decades ago. It was called Ulkohuone (or Huussi )We had our Summercottage in 1970`s and there was also one of the kind...(at our cottage outhouse we had pictures from abroad stuck on the walls and we had toiletpaper) At my grandparents place it was always terrible to go there during the freezing cold.. They had also all the Kings and Queens around the walls but also the "high society from Finland".
    When I was a child I never thought about why they were on the walls, it just was fun for me and made the litle room more "elegant".. :D

  18. Es una escena muy bonita. Ahora solo faltan los niños que la disfruten.

  19. Humourous!! The Royal family in the outdoor toilet, I like it ;) !!
    Thanks Mona for the comment on my blog at the post shabby chic bed.
    Have a nice day,

  20. Teehee, your outhouse made me smile , Mona. 1stly, the picture of Royalty in the toilet and then the dartboard. I can imagine when someone gets really impatient of you taking so long in the toilet, they will start throwing the darts at the wall. Haha! Sure way to get you out of there fast!

    In this part of the world, you can still find people using newspaper for toilet paper. :) Anything when you are desperate.

  21. Una escena preciosa y la foto de los Reyes,genial,saludo. Auxi.