torsdag 2. februar 2012

Do you remember this...

I've blogged this picture (from the cabin) before, it`s from october 9. -2011

The same terrace January 22. - 2012

September 16. - 2011

January 22. - 2012

We are waiting for spring! :)

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  1. Wow that is some snow :) Beautiful pictures. We havent had any snow yet!!!
    Warm Hugs Maria

  2. Cuánta nieve! Es impresionante.
    Yo no conozco la nieve :(
    Un abrazo

  3. OMG! And I thought we have cold weather here! Your photos say it all. I hope you are warm and snuggy. We, too, are wishing for spring here and find comfort that its raining and filling our meagre water reservoirs.

  4. Preciosas fotos!!!!
    Que cantidad de nieve!!

  5. Yes,yes, we are waiting for spring too. :)
    I love these before-after photos!
    There are beautiful views from your cabin.
    Hugs, piikko

  6. Oh Mona, that is a lot of snow. Nice photo's .Here in the Netherlands, monday was a litlle bit snow also, but it is gone already. Now it is -10 degrees.Nice weather to sit inside and work on my mini's.

  7. Wow, Mona! That's a lot of snow! Is spring just around the corner, or will you have snow like this for a lot longer? It's clear and sunny here today, but Portland is most known for its rain. The dreary, dark winters can make people feel depressed. Thanks for sharing about your part of the world! :-) Jennifer

  8. Que preciosas fotografias.
    Ha nevado muchisimo, por aqui que estmos a nivel del mar tambien ha nevado hoy.
    besitos ascension

  9. Wow. So much snow. We don´t have much. But it is very
    I´m waiting for spring, too.

    1. Mona, I have always loved that view of the valley below but these photos made me SHIVER!!!!!!!!!!! That is so much snow!! I hope Spring arrives soon for you!

  10. Vaya, vaya cuanta nieve y frío...

  11. Mona, cuanto me gusta estas preciosas fotografías que nos pones...Que frío.
    A dormir muy abrigaditas.
    Mil besos...Julia

  12. I hope that you are staying warm. We are having unseasonably warm weather, nice now but I hope that we don't get extra cold later when it should be warming. Your scenery is lovely to look at with or without snow.

  13. I heard about that cold snap going on over there. It's t-shirt weather here in Texas. I think we're already having our spring because it is raining a lot. That's some gorgeous view! If I lived there I'd just stare at it endlessly and I'd never get any work done!

  14. We are experiencing cool weather here in Singapore with sudden spate of heat. Nights can be cold but you will probably laugh at my idea of cold. Nowhere close to yours. The cold there must really be biting. I can already feel my ears falling off! But you know what, snow-scapes are gorgeous! I love the 1st picture and all your other pictures. I love that you are sharing your world with us , Mona. Thank you!

  15. Ja det var mycket snö ni fått. Här hotar de varje dag att det skall komma snökanoner. Har inte kommit någon här hos mig ännu. Vi har 1 cm snö och -20c grader kallt på natten och -10/-14c grader på dagen.
    Tycker det är skönt att slippa snö när man bor i en stad.

    Ni har otroligt fin utsikt från er terass.

  16. Hi Mona, yes I see a a slight difference between the first 2 pictures (hahahah)
    Wow, that is some snow but the view is so beautiful, thank you for sharing these lovely pictures with us.
    Have a nice weekend :)

    Warmmmm hugs Mieke xxx

  17. Bellissime queste foto Mona!! Il paesaggio è molto bello e anche più freddo di dove abito io!!!

  18. Beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing these.

  19. Ohhhhhh, a lot of snow. Do you love skiing? Or you do not have lifts? The weather is ideal. I would be happy but also very excited about the arrival of spring. Here in Germany we have little snow, luckily, but very chilly temperatures.
    Hugs from Craftland

  20. Nice view!! Lots of snow. And we are complaining about the cold weather!!?? It is -10oC here, for you this is spring??
    Bye, Ilona