søndag 18. november 2012

A big family

This is what I`ve done last week. I know, it`s more than a month until Christmas eve, but because I do not handle stress very well right now I`m happy I have just a few more gifts before they all are in the house :) The gifts on the floor are for birthdays. You can see I have a big family, which is fun and I`m glad I have my family and lovely friends!!!
(This is my guest bedroom, so here you can sleep if you come visit :) )

15 kommentarer:

  1. This is making me panic ...LOL :):). Many of you prepare real early for Xmas. I too tend to buy presents as and when I see suitable ones so the presents are bought but not wrapped :). I often left them to the very last minute because I really am bad at wrapping. You have done a beautiful job!

  2. Wow Mona, what a lot off presents, it`s starting to look a lot like christmas allready :)

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  3. Hola Mona!, cuántos regalos.
    Es bueno tener una gran familia.
    Tu habitación de invitados me gusta.
    Un abrazo

  4. Wow! I also made almost all the Christmas gifts.
    Bye Faby

  5. Looking good all those gift's, good idea you do it now no stress and I like your quest bedroom

  6. Wow lucky you getting so much done lol. I start off really well but I still seem to fall behind and am still panicking at the last minute hehe. Great guest room ;)
    Hugs Maria

  7. Oj, vad du har handlat många julklappar! Våra ungdomar är så stora nu att vi mest ger dom pengar, så de skall kunna ha lite extra att roa sig med på sin fritid.

  8. Big family, big project! Your packages look really beautiful, Mona! I wish I was so organized, because I don't handle stress well either! :-) xo Jennifer

  9. Hello Mona,
    Now THAT is the holiday spirit!
    Do you work for Santa???
    Big hug,

  10. Hi Mona,
    I really don't know what happened,
    but I don't get new updates from your blog :(
    But - now I am :)
    Awesome lovely wrapping gifts!
    You are right, Christmas is comming soon.
    Warm hugs

  11. Wow Mona, there are a lot of gifts!! Your family is absolutely big and they are so lucky! Hugs

  12. Wow Mona, You have done a lot of shopping and wrapping. It's good to prepare ahead. It's so nice to have a big family.
    Hugs, Drora

  13. Oh, wow, Mona, you now can relax.
    Hugs from Craftland

  14. How lovely to have a big family. Very sensible to be prepared early and be stress free as Christmas arrives, I try to do the same but sometimes lose gifts I buy earlier in the year! Gill x