onsdag 26. mars 2014

The only dollhouse bathroom with double shower??? :) :)

The bathroom in the M house:

I have a led light strip (from ELF Miniatures) It gives a white light, it`s quite cold so maybe I`ll later put in a wall lamp too, maybe that will give a warmer light.

The floor

Double showers

Floor drain

The gold mirror and table I got from my friend Maru  a couple of years ago. I have a long time had the plan to use them in the bathroom.

Here they are, painted black.

I made shelves and glass walls.

This is a really beautiful card I got from another friend, Eliana a while ago. It is a picture of The Municipal Theatre (The Opera House) in Säo Paulo, Brasil. I copied it, made it smaller and made a passepartout and frame. For the room it is still big, that was what I wanted and I think it is great.

Later there will probably be more toiletries, but for now I'm happy with the bathroom.

20 kommentarer:

  1. Hi Mona! I missed you.
    Wow! That bathroom is beautiful!
    I must agree that the picture of the Theatre of São Paulo is wonderful. Surely this was a great idea!
    I loved the furniture and lighting in the showers area. ;)


  2. Wow fantastic bathroom. I love the mirror and table and the picture looks perfect.
    Hugs Maria

  3. Oh wow Mona. What a stunning bathroom! I love the monochrome, the mixture of modern and traditional. They work so well together. LOVE IT =0)

  4. It's great style, no doubt! love this bathroom, Mona, you did very original work.
    Warm hugs

  5. Hi Mona! The Bathroom is gorgeous! It is cool!

  6. You've been busy with miniatures again, Mona! I'm so glad you are back! Your mini bathroom is very elegant and very original. The shower drain is a favorite--I love tiny realism like that! xo Jennifer

  7. Wow Mona, this is a very stylish, modern and traditional mixture bathroom, it is beautiful!
    The picture of Eliana is beautiful, you have converted it to a beautiful miniature poster.
    Now Mr. M and Mrs. M can take a shower at the same time :)!
    Hugs, Ilona

  8. Un baño precioso,me gusta mucho como has combinado el estilo más moderno con los muebles antiguos,le da mucho carácter!!!

  9. It's very beautiful! Great details!

  10. It's a very beautiful bathroom.

  11. Wow! Your bathroom is gorgeous! I love the double shower. Just stunning work. :D

  12. This is a wonderful and chic bathroom. What an excellent idea the two showers. I love the piece of furniture with the washbasin, great to see old and modern style together. What you did with the picture is perfect.

  13. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the modern style with the opulent re-furbished pieces. The double shower is very creative! I just found your blog but look forward to seeing more of your work :)