mandag 14. april 2014

A dollhouse from 1920

We were out on the road today, stopped in a small town and discovered this old house from 1920. Do not know what scale it is. The owner think maybe it is originally a dollhouse from Sweden, taking into consideration the style of the house. And the style is wonderful, hope you can see the porches in front. I didn`t bring my camera, only my phone.

At the top you can see the sign with 1920

The owner want to sell the house, he has no room for it anymore because it is a quite large house. If you are interested, contact him at: His name is Runar Foss Larsen and he seemed to be a very nice man.

Notice the window frames, they are beautiful.

Two big doors at the back, I think that is the only way to get into the house

It was a great experience to see this old house, really fun
Here's the owner, he print pattern on sheepskin , it is an old tradition. He use hand-carved printing blocks.

Here is a sheepskin he is working on, and also see the beautiful one left on the picture. You can see more at Skinnfellmakern

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  1. Oh my gosh! The house is a real beauty! ♥ I hope it will find a good home.
    You are right Mona, Runar seems to be a nice man and talented too.
    Thank you for sharing! Happy Easter!

  2. Very beautiful! Cannot imagin shipping costs!!! ;) CM

  3. Oh, Mona, this house is gorgeous!! I think, the price is very high and shipping costs.... But thank you so much you showed this beautiful house, it big pleasure to see it. Big hugs :-) Magda

  4. It's fun to see this beautiful house, Mona. Thanks for sharing! xo Jennifer

  5. Es una casa impresionante y preciosa!!!!!

  6. Thanks for sharing! The house is wonderful! I wish I had more space for several houses here =) Hannah

  7. Å for et nydelig hus, men den plassmangelen.....
    Det var rene eventyr huset, var det veldig kostbart ?

    1. Ja Janne, det er et eventyrhus og sjeldent. Send han en mail ang pris, kan sikkert diskuteres. Huset fortjener et godt hjem med noen som kan ta vare på det og det kan jo du. Det trenger en god del stell. Håper ihvertfall det blir tatt vare på for fremtiden uansett hvem som kjøper det.

  8. Janne. Mailadr står i bloggen hvis det er interessant

  9. The house is realy beautiful, Mona!

  10. Wow! What a house! I hope you will find a happy owner soon. Mini hugs, Natalia

  11. Takk Mona , det må nok bli ett drømmehus. Det var svært , håper huset får en dyktig ny eier . Det fortjener å bli restaurert :) En fortsatt God Påske til deg 🐥🐣